About the Hub

The MSK Knowledge Hub was set up by ARMA and NHS England. The Hub aims to improve MSK services and support by channelling valuable information and experience to the MSK community and building relationships between the community. 


The platform holds links to a wide range of MSK assets and resources (e.g. guidelines, reports, pathways, benefits calculators/cost calculators, etc.) It can be searched using the tags, or the free search box. If you have materials to post, please read our criteria, sign up and then use the form.

Building relationships  

The Hub incorporates an interactive section enabling people to discuss and share views and advice in semi-private forums. Forums will be topic related or geographic allowing national or local collaboration. Membership of the forum is open to anyone working in musculoskeletal health or support. To join the forum, sign up from the home page.

Whatever your involvement in musculoskeletal services or support, we hope you will find the hub useful.

MSKHub.com – self management

If you were expecting this site to focus more on self management it is possible you were looking for MSKhub.com. We hope you will also find this knowledge hub useful.

Thanks to NHS England and Pfizer for their support in establishing this Hub.