How to help people ESCAPE the misery of chronic joint pain

NICE guidelines recommend people with osteoarthritis receive information and advice about self-management, exercise and weight control. Unfortunately, few people receive these interventions.

ESCAPE-pain (Enabling Self-Management and Coping with Arthritic Pain using Exercise ( | @escape_pain) is a group-based, 6-week rehabilitation programme which combines exercise and education. Participants learn how to manage chronic joint pain and the interactions of the group are powerful in changing health beliefs and increasing physical activity. The Programme can also help people avoid/delay joint surgery.

ESCAPE-pain is both clinically and cost effective and is endorsed by the British Society of Rheumatology and Royal Society of Public Health. ESCAPE-pain was adopted as a case study in NICE’s Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention programme [2013] and delivers the NICE core recommendations of exercise and education for the management of osteoarthritis. It is currently delivered at 27 sites across England including physiotherapy departments, community leisure centres and workplaces.

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Developing MSK Networks – Resource pack

This resource pack provides healthcare professionals as well as commissioners and providers of MSK services with a framework for planning and developing a local MSK network, and signposts to a wide range of additional materials which may be useful as they undertake this task.

It has been co-produced with the MSK community, and distils some of the findings of the project to date, providing a practical resource to support CCGs seeking to improve outcomes for all forms of MSK disorders through a “networks” approach and with patients at the heart.

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Physiotherapy works: Fitness for work

Evidence briefing for physiotherapy for fitness for work

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