Joint Pain Advisor: A new model of care for managing chronic knee, hip or back pain

NICE approved Joint Pain Advisor is a new model of care to support people with chronic knee, hip or back pain.

Joint Pain Advisor is a safe and cost effective alternative to GP consultations. Involving a series of face-to-face consultations, advisors work collaboratively with people with hip and/or knee osteoarthritis and/or back pain, focusing on supporting self-management.

Successfully piloted with just under 600 people, participants of the two studies said that their pain was dramatically reduced and movement had returned. They reported taking fewer pain-killers as well as increased mobility and weight loss. Participants increased their number of days physically active from below to recommended levels.

A flexible model of care evaluated with health trainers and physiotherapists as delivery partners. Visit our website to read our evaluations, case studies and find out more about the programme.

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