MSK First Point-of-Contact Model

Patients presenting with MSK problems make up to 1 in 5 primary care consultations and 10% of GP referrals. Enabling people to self-refer to MSK first contact practitioner (FCP) services can speed up access to treatment, reduce GP workload and associated costs, reduce unnecessary diagnostic referrals, increase self-management and reduce inappropriate referrals to secondary care.

To support clinicians, managers and commissioners in their efforts to forecast and monitor these impacts, we have developed an easy to use tool; the MSK First Point of Contact Model.

It is suggested that by reviewing values within the model will be a useful task to underpin local MSK system data collection requirements and support robust performance monitoring.

The model would be useful for anyone considering:

• Writing a business case for a first contact practitioner service
• Evaluating the impact of an already established FCP service
• Planning a service improvement initiative within a MSK health system

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