MSK Hub Terms

The hub is intended to support activity to improve the lives of people with arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions. It is intended to include links to all the key documents relevant to musculoskeletal conditions in a searchable format. It is intended for professionals, not to include direct patient advice.

If you believe your publication fits these criteria, please complete the submission form.

To be included a document must be:

Knowledge: Research report, toolkit, guideline, good practice guide, evidence based information.

For professionals: Clinicians, commissioners, policy makers, researchers, etc.

Evidence based: We reserve the right not to include research where we feel that it does not have sufficient weight of evidence or other materials which have not had a clear development process including sufficient stakeholder engagement.

Relevant to the UK: In general this is a hub for UK resources. To be included information must be capable of being used in a UK context.

Of practical use: All content must be useful to those wanting to improve services. We do want to carry academic research which can inform service improvement, but not purely theoretical research with no immediate practical use.

Patient experience research: It is important that the patient voice is included in development of services. We therefore will include patient experience surveys, which may not be as academically robust as the other research on the site. We will include these provided they are clear about methodology and numbers taking part so that users can judge how much weight to give them.

What we will not include:

Opinion: Blogs, position statements, press releases, comment pieces, etc.

Promotion: The site is intended to support people aiming to improve services through provision of evidence based information. We will not accept documents which are purely aimed at promotion, either of a particular treatment without providing a clear evidence base or a corporate body or provider.

Patient information: Our patient page signposts to organisations which carry information aimed specifically at patients.

Clinical trials.