Self-care and prevention workforce skills and competencies

HEE is working with and across the system to articulate how we develop the workforce to build skills in person centred approaches, i.e. how we work in partnership with people and their families to support health and wellbeing. This work brings together the core skills of:
– health coaching
– care and support planning
– shared decision making
– a number of behavioral change interventions

The work illustrates the values, strengths based approach and core skills to enable the workforce to more consistently build relationships and partner with people to support effective prevention and self-care/management.

The webinar covers the thinking to date, some areas where the techniques have been utilised and the impact they have had for patients and staff. It explores how we shift thinking for services and busy people from reactive to preventative, how we skill people to habitually work in this way and support their own behavior change in service.

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